Stake with Sui Wallet

Stake and earn SUI

You can stake SUI to earn rewards for helping secure the network. When you stake SUI, you delegate your SUI tokens to a validator to stake. The validator then pays you rewards for staking your SUI with them.

Note that SUI tokens have no value on test networks.

To stake SUI and earn rewards

  1. Open your wallet and click Coins.
  2. Click Stake & Earn SUI.
  3. Select a validator to stake with, then click Select Amount.
  4. Enter the amount of SUI to stake. Enter an amount that leaves sufficient SUI in your wallet to cover gas fees.
  5. Click Stake Now.
  6. Review the transaction confirmation, then click the check mark to close it.
  7. Click the X to close the Stake & Earn SUI page.

The wallet displays when you start earning rewards for your stake in the next epoch.

View current stake

To view details about your current stakes, click Currently Staked on the Coins tab of the Wallet. Details include: the amount you staked, the validator you chose, amount earned so far, and the validator commission.

Withdraw your staked SUI

You can withdraw your staked SUI at any time. You might want to stake with a different validator with better rewards, or use your SUI for something else. When you request a withdraw, your stake ends immediately. Validators distribute rewards at the end of each epoch.

You can't withdraw a stake request that hasn't started earning rewards yet. You can request a withdraw after the next epoch starts and the stake becomes active.

  1. Click the Coins tab, then click Currently Staked.
  2. Click the validator to withdraw your stake from.
  3. Click Unstake SUI.
  4. Click Unstake Now.
  5. Click the check mark to close the Transaction page, then click X to close the Staking page and return to the Coins tab.