Wallet Playground

Wallet Playground

You can view and try out some apps that already support Sui Wallet from the Playground on the Apps tab. The apps displayed let you connect your Sui Wallet and use SUI tokens to interact with them, perform transactions, and obtain NFTs that go directly to your connected wallet.

Click on an app to open the site for the app. Follow the guidance on the site to connect your wallet. After you connect your wallet to an app you can view the app on the Active Connections page.

View connected apps

To view the apps with active connections to your wallet, click Apps. By default, the Playground view displays. Click Active Connections to view the connected apps.

To open the site associated with the app, click on the app and then click View.

Disconnect from an app

You can easily disconnect your wallet from a connected app.

  1. Click Apps and then click Active Connections.
  2. Click the app to disconnect from your wallet, then click Disconnect.

Your wallet immediately disconnects from the app and displays the Apps tab.